Thursday, August 3, 2017

Week 46: June 19, 2017 - A New Companion

Hey everybody, it's a new transfer!

The big news from the transfer would be, as expected, I have a new companion! Elder Ishizu hails from the land of Osaka, and has been in the mission a little over a year, with this being his first trip to the land of Okinawa. The first few days together have been great, with the sad note he has yet to see the sun. We are in rainy season, and living in Virginia, I didn't realize how wet it could be 24/7. But it's fun, and I love being outside doing the Lords work in any weather. Even without seeing the sun, Elder Ishizu is a great guy, way funny, and he's been around Americans long enough he didn't have a culture shock moving to Okinawa. So I'm way excited to continue working with him in the upcoming weeks. 

One interesting thing that happened because of him was yesterday, his trainer came back into town. So, we got permission from President Egan, and got to have lunch with the Nelson family from Boise, Idaho. And to show how small of a world it is, their daughter, Liv, knows Logan! It's crazy how interconnected people can be, to have that random connection all the way across the globe. 

The last thing this week was the military relief society, who invited us to a dinner last Wednesday, right before transfers. We all went, expecting just to give our little talks/testimonies and get to know the sisters of the ward. So we did that, but then before we left, they had a surprise for us. Each companionship got a basket of goodies from on base, and letters from their families! It was a crazy surprise, and fun to see. But as Elder Foust reminded us, people don't do these type of things for the missionaries, but for the tag they wear. The ward takes care of us, and pampers us because they love the Savior. As much as we can, we get to represent him, and I love getting to help everyone draw nearer to him. 

That's all for this week, sorry to be short! Talk to you all again soon!

Elder Mitchell Woodhouse

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