Thursday, August 3, 2017

Week 52: July 31, 2017 - On an Island, again!

So, after 15 hours of travel, I've arrived! There is now one more
happy, smiling missionary on Amami!

I guess my week technically started before transferring, but it was
hectic saying goodbye to people, and getting Elder Barker ready to go
home. It was a pleasure working with him, and I'm glad we had the
chance to work and learn. The peace in all of the hectic things was
dinner Wednesday with the Nishihara couple, who have helped us so much
with Sachiko and Takuya. It was great to get to talk to them one last
time, and thank them for all of their kindness, assistance, and
strength in the Lords work.

And then I left for Amami, spending most the day alone on a boat,
which was kinda weird. It was a great chance to get caught up on
studies and my journal, but besides that, and lots of pretty views,
not much crazy stuff happened. But, after the ride, I got to Amami,
and got to meet Elder Jo again!

From that point, everything has been hectic once more. We are busy,
happy missionaries, trying our hardest to find the people the Lord has
prepared. Right now, the branch is a little small, but all the members
are strong in faith, and ready to work with and help the missionaries.
We even spent a lot of Saturday visiting less-active members with
Iwamoto Kyodai and Nagatomo Kaicho, who was just visiting for the
weekend, but it is clear to me that the members care about everyone
else. It's a sign of Gods love, because as our Father, he cares about
each and every one of us individually. He sends us love and peace as
we need, and I can feel His love for all of the people on this island
of 44,000, and the chance to serve all of them is amazing.

And that doesn't even count the miracle of Sachiko and Takuya's
baptism on Saturday. Obviously, being a 12 hour boat ride away made it
so I couldn't make it the service, but I heard it was amazing and
filled with the Spirit as they bore their testimony. I'm so glad I had
the chance to work, teach, and help the understand the importance of
the gospel, and the role their Savior has in their lives.

I'm excited to see what other miracles and experiences the Lord has in
store for this island. It's amazing to be here, and I love every
chance I have to be a missionary and His representative. Love everyone
back at home!

Elder Mitchell Woodhouse

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