Thursday, August 3, 2017

Week 47: June 26, 2017 - Another Week in the Books

Greetings from the warm, tropical island of Okinawa!

Today, I will be introducing you to one more week in the life of Elder
Woodhouse, and the amazing power of God which guides this amazing
work! So hold on and grab your fans, because things are heating up
down here!

This past week was actually a pretty normal week, with the exception
of having limited time to actually go out and work. The key reason for
that was our missionary planned, missionary presided, missionary run,
aptly named "Missionary Night" which we put on for the Okinawa ward.
The event happened Saturday night, and was way fun. We basically set
up a family home evening type event, and invited the ward to come as a
way to meet all of the missionaries, especially because we had three
new ones transfer in. After all, sometimes the white shirts and ties
scare people away, and we aren't scary at all! But by having people
come and talk to them, we have been able to meet and work with more of
the ward. And as one of the things I've learned on Okinawa, it's the
importance of working with the members. President Hinkley taught that
when missionaries work alone, knocking on doors all day, they will
have success. But, when they work with the members, the success will
multiply. In my mind, this is really because the gospel is for
everyone. We as missionaries don't bring a scary message. It's a
message of joy, of truth, of love. It's full of the goodness of God,
and I haven't meet a single person that doesn't want to learn of
goodness and knowledge. However, I've met lots of people scared of the
unknown, that are scared of change. They are scared of two random guys
on their doorstep, wondering what they want, why they are here. They
just don't understand, and because of that are scared of trying to,
because that risks failure. And those are all natural feelings! That
why the member support system of the church is so essential. That's
why we need to have personal testimonies of our relationships with our
brothers and sisters, next door and around the world. When you have
friends, when the members help introduce people to the gospel, it
takes away some of the fear, and allows more room for the Spirit of
God to work. Right now, all of the people we have the honor of working
with as missionaries have come from members. I love being able to
learn things like this, and especially have the opportunity to work on
Okinawa as I learn. I am so blessed to be able to be here, to teach
those who are ready to listen, and have ears to hear. To get to work
with Elder Ishizu, and truly feel as if we are representing our Savior
as we talk with people. Their isn't anything that can compare.

I guess that was a long ramble, but it is true. I love being here on
Okinawa, as a missionary for the Lord. I know He knows me, just as He
knows all of His children, and loves and guides them daily. He wants
to hear from us, and He does listen when we pray, when we study His
life and teachings through the Bible and Book of Mormon. There is
nothing I would rather be doing, no where I would rather be than where
I am right now.

Sorry not to have pictures this week, I'll send them next week for sure!

Elder Woodhouse

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