Thursday, August 3, 2017

Week 48: July 3, 2107 - Zone Conference and Interviews

Welcome to summer!

So, my big realization for the week was the fact that even though
everyone around me is and old missionary, and going home sooner rather
than later, I'm not! I've got plenty of time left to help the people
of Japan, and I've been blessed to be able to use all of it! So with
that out of the way, the mission is back to a day to day party, the
chance to be able to focus on moving one foot at a time. It makes life
simpler, and makes everything much more fun!

But besides that realization, the past week doesn't have many amazing
pieces of news. We had the chance to gather with the Ginowan and Naha
Zones for interviews and zone conference, which is standard, but it
also meant that the two far reaching islands, Miyako and Ishigaki, had
the chance to come up to Okinawa. As it happens, Elder Erickson and
Elder Harris, from Omuta and Yamaguchi happened to be on Miyako, and
so I got to meet them. Missionary time is crazy, because it feels like
it's been forever, but neither of them have actually been gone that
long. Nonetheless, it was really fun to meet people I had lived with
before, and hear about their experiences on the Lords errand.

Our other miracle was fast and testimony meeting with the military
branch. We have had a couple of missionaries leaving recently, and
more on the way, so our first speaker was the father of one of the
soon to be departed elders, bearing his testimony for his son. But it
was amazing, because he gave a beautiful testimony of getting off of
the edge. He had lived basically a Dry-Mormon lifestyle, because his
wife was a member, without getting baptized until 5 years ago. But in
his word, he has been soaring through the air from the moment he
entered the font. There is no way to describe the benefits of living
the gospel with the accompaniment of the Holy Ghost without
experiencing it yourself. It's like describing salt without using the
word salt, or salty, or anything of the like. You just need to act.

Well, it's fun to be out, and I love all my time I've had here, both
past and future, of things left to come. Love you all,

Elder Mitchell Woodhouse

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