Thursday, August 3, 2017

Week 49: July 10, 2017 - Crazy times in Oki

So we had a pretty busy week, and I'll see if I can even write any of
it legibly.

Our week started with Family Home Evening with the Japanese ward,
which is fun because we get to work and talk with some of the members
in a one on one setting instead of just after church. It's always a
fun activity, once a month, but this week was especially faith
building, because the message was about missionaries! Specifically,
one of the members shared about an experience where he and his
companion prayed at every street corner for guidance. And lo and
behold, they met one of Gods daughters who was waiting for them. It's
really cool to hear, and realize that I, and everyone else, work with
the same God, who cares about us all individually.

The next big thing was Thursday, when Sachiko and Takuya Maruyama
passed their baptismal interviews! I've been blessed to work with them
pretty much my entire time on Okinawa, and it's clear they are making
the right choice. But more than that, you can see the light of Christ
shining from them, as they have learned and applied more and more of
his teachings into their lives. I'm really excited for them, and their
upcoming baptism on the 29th.

And speaking of baptisms, the other elders had one on Saturday!
Brother Filberto Noriega was baptized, after moving to Okinawa in the
military and seeking out the missionaries a little over four weeks
ago. His life and actions so far are a testimony of his faith, and I'm
excited for him going forward. Of most importance, he also has been
able to receive the Holy Ghost, and have that personal guidance from
God, whenever he needs help. Listening and being a part of these
experiences once again reinforced our loving Heavenly Father, who
cares and looks out for each of His children.

As honorable mentions, the Japanese ward also had an Imohori, or
potato pull, Saturday morning, where all the kids and missionaries
were invited to come and help dig up one of the members potato fields.
Fun, and great work in the fields. Also, my bike decided to break
randomly on Friday, but it's in the shop now, and because of all our
service and other opportunities, it hasn't been a problem yet. Last,
but not least, I also need to thank Elder Ishizu, not for anything
specifically, but just for being an amazing companion. He goes
through a lot, but he's always smiling, joking, being random and
funny, and it's safe to say that between him and the busy days, I
haven't had a boring day this transfer.

For pictures, I found Elder Rowe on p-day, after living with him in
Yamaguchi for three months, and part of our district on the 4th.

Love you all,

Elder Mitchell Woodhouse

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